Learn How to Really Use Linkedin to find new customers, find employees or find a job.

You know that LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world.
And, if you’re like the majority of LinkedIn users, you have 3 questions:

  • What’s in it for me?
  • I have a profile, now what?
  • The best-selling book on using LinkedIn to develop your business and your career.How can I get better results in less time?

The #1 LinkedIn experts Jan Vermeiren & Bert Verdonck wrote an excellent book called “How to really used LinkedIn”
A MUST read if you want more results from LinkedIn.

Now these experts created a course called “The Most Powerful Training System Yet for LinkedIn

No matter what you are looking for. New customers, new employees of a new job. They have created the course for you.
3 “Dive in Deep” Packages to meet your specific needs at a price you can easily afford or beter you cannot afford to pass on.



LinkedIn Fundamentals Webinar (1 hour)
Webinar 1: How to Create an Attractive Profile (1 hour)
Webinar 2: How to Build and Expand Your Network (1 hour)
Webinar 3: Personal and Company Branding (1 hour)
Webinar 4: More Success at Events using LinkedIn (1 hour)
Webinar 5: How to Find: New Customers; Great Employees; a New Job (1 hour)

You also receive:

  • E-book version of the bestseller “How to REALLY use LinkedIn”
  • LinkedIn Dive in Deep Workbook

Get the Edge with Dive in Deep Bonuses

Bonus #1: 6 Month E-course Program
Bonus #2: LinkedIn Profile Self-Assessment
Bonus #3: LinkedIn Activity Self-Assessment
Bonus #4: A Handy One-page “Cheat Sheet” with the Top 10 LinkedIn Tips
Bonus #5: An Easy-to-Use Action Plan, with Personal Checklist

Your Success Is Our Goal So We’re Offering Each Package At An Incredible Discount!

We have even more good news: you not only get all the current, up-to-date information but we’re going to send you all the updates too—For FREE!


Courses are available in English and Dutch!


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practice your skills and be the best you can be! You deserve to be the best.
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