Business Concept Development

Business opportunities

The goal of an entrepreneur is to solve problems for a profit. An excellent business model to start with.
I consider myself a serial entrepreneur, trendspotter and visionair.

During the years I have started a number of companies and offer interesting business opportunities.

2001 – GerCom IT

GerCom IT helps SME succesfully implement IT infrastructure and automate processes.
By constantly looking for the best possible solution at the best price available our customers can be sure of affordable succesful implementations on strategic, tactic and operational levels.
Main target group is SME from 2 up to 50 FTE. Visit website

2007 – 2012 Bel Ada (Call ADA)

Bel Ada is specialised in supporting the fieldworkers in sales, care and technical jobs. Reporting on meetings was never easier and time saving. Thanks to an innovative solution companies can save up to 80% of time in reporting on salesvisits, progressreports and other reports. Sold in 2012.

2009 – (K)LinkedIn

Linking Online, Meeting Offline – High class moderated network meetings with your online LinkedIn connections.
Currently no meetings are planned. Looking for businesspartners to expand the meetings in the Netherlands. Contact me for details.

2012 – Compliprentjes (Compliprints)

A publishing company publishing compliment cards and feel good presents.
Looking for businesspartners to expand business in the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Brittain and the USA. Visit webshop

2013 – to be determined

Creating a new company specialised in turning vacant office buildings into thriving business centers. All over the world there are large office buildings vacant. Owners and society lose money daily. I have a disruptive solution that will turn vacant office buildings into thriving business centers and solve community problems.
Looking for investors, officebuilding owners, entrepreneurs, teachers, agricultural engineers and wannabee entrepreneurs.
Investment needed to open first location approx € 10 million

2014 – BizNiz StartUp kIT

Read more at Looking for businesspartners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK and US

2014 – WARP Success Program

Read more at Looking for businesspartner.

Business Ideas for sale

During the years I have collected a large number of business ideas.
These ideas are for sale, rent or in license. Are you a wannabee entrepreneur lacking of ideas contact me for a meeting.
Send me your name, email, phonenumber and best time to call to discuss options.